Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Autumn is really coming now,we visited Glastonbury last Sunday and the countryside around the Tor was bathed in a warm ,misty autumnal glow.It is such a mystical and magical area aside from the more new age capitalist side of things there is so much history and myth to  explore.
We had a tour of the Abbey ruins with a really lovely and knowledgable guide who talked us round the impressive site.The Abbots kitchen was full of the aroma of herbs . Ancient cookery equipment was displayed around the room along with recipes and notes on herbal remedies.In the grounds is a Hawthorn tree which is supposed to be a cutting from the very thorn planted by Joseph  the uncle of Jesus? It was crowded with rich red berries.  Somerset is such a mysterious county  ,I love to visit at least once a year and at this time when the sun is warm and gentle and the cool evenings  are golden. 

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