Thursday, 29 September 2011

Little summer Memories

Autumn is well and truly here but at the moment we are basking in  an Indian Summer,cool nights and lovely misty,balmy days! Keats To Autumn is required reading again!
I just thought a little reminiscence of summer days was in order before we start thinking about frost,slow cooked casseroles and mulled wine round the stove.!

I enjoyed a visit to Penlee Gallery to view the stunning exhibition of Walter Langley's paintings and while I was there took some photos around the back streets of Penzance were there are some lovely secret gardens!

Back at home!

  Garden heroes getting rid of the old herb patch and laying a gravel space for me to play with,thanks Steve and Radek.  What hunks?!!!!!
We visited The lost Gardens of Heligan and were inspired !You can just see the sea on the horizon.

The holiday in Mallorca seems far away now, maybe I should start planning the next one! Are there anymore literary pilgrimages I should make? The visit to Valldemosa was a dream come true.
I can feel the call of William Morris and Kelmscott Manor !
 Anyway these are reminders of a few summer  pleasures as we enjoy this bonus of warmth and mellowness .


  1. Thank you for sharing these wonderful summer memories with us, Angela! You have packed many lovely times into the past months and I'm sure they will help to keep you warm when this unexpected indian summer has passed in a few days. Lovely post :-)
    Jane Gray

  2. Hello Angela,
    how nice to receive your visits,
    make me very happy.
    Lucky you, you're in Cornwall,
    a dream for me, I was there in 2008,
    a hug
    Suzy x

  3. Thanks girls,I am taking one of the garden heroes out to the Italian for a nice meal tonight,my husband Steve!

  4. How nice your still summery photos! I am not eager to receive autumn, because I love summer and hot weather so it is lovely to read your cheerful post. Enjoy your dinner out tonight!

  5. How beautiful! I made some fall-ish meals this week. Yum...and so cozy!

  6. The gardens and flowers are so beautiful! I hope you and your garden hero had a wonderful dinner out : )

  7. Oh, lovely summer reminiscence.;) And yes, those two are hunks.;)
    We are too having a balmy autumn but I think it is soon about to end.;)
    Have a lovely Monday dear Angela,