Monday, 24 December 2012

Peaceful and Merry!

Well here it is,Christmas,Yule etc. and it crept up on me this year! I have all the prep done for the dinner tomorrow and the presents are around the tree.. It is late or should I say early,midnight has passed and officially it is Christmas day.Floods have ruined so many peoples Christmas this year and my thoughts are with those whose homes have been flooded.
We need the warmth and colour of the winter festival to set us up for the last deep, dark days.
I like the drawing in  and  some time for some contemplation.
The magic of snow casting its white blanket on the cold earth stirs the deep imagination.
I find myself day dreaming about fantasy worlds ,Hobbits and their comfy kitchens , dark mysterious forests and finding homely houses in the wilderness of ice and snow.Animals who suddenly speak to me deep in the snowy woods and I am almost a child again .
Images of deep mystery invade my dreams during these dark days.
Journeys through the snow to  a warm cosy house with fires burning and the aroma of hot food.
The colour red for warmth,berries as red as blood amongst the evergreen pine and holly.
The time is right to sit and dream and forget all the getting and spending.
I breathe in the clean smell of  pine trees and hot mulled wine.
Secret and exquisite beauty is in every snow flake!
Merry Christmas  one and all!

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

A little bit of Peace on Earth!

At the library we had the Christmas story. The children made the animals and people for the crib.This little girl was very proud of her donkey and sheep.
Staff and members of "Inspiring Women" a multi cultural group here in Truro got together to have some Christmas fun. 
Listening to the story of Mary and Joseph.
Here we have a wise man!
Dads too!
We had a similar day of activities and fun for Divali!
It is amazing to watch lovely kids playing together and celebrating!
We do not have to allow those who find manipulating fear ,envy and predjudice have the centre stage!