Friday, 16 December 2016

Beauty is essential in these darkening times.

As I sit here  the evening slowly begins .I am looking at a soft grey and deep pink sunset in the west. here in Cornwall the sunsets are wonderful all year round.I live in a Cathedral City that lays in a valley under which three rivers run into the River Fal 
 This town has been my home now for many years although I am  probably still a foreigner  to the Cornish born  as I come from London.When I came here many years ago I was subject to a bit of what I felt must be like racism . I worked on a mobile library and a grumpy old chap greeted me at one stop with
"Pity some nice li'l Cornish maid didn't get your job"
 This came when I asked if I could help him choose a book!
I was upset but luckily there are so many good people here that the wound soon healed. I tell this story because I need to say that I am fearful of the present swing to right wing hate culture. This man was wrong but now the present climate both here in GB and USA is allowing this sort of thought to be respectable.

Christmas is nearly here, a time to spread peace and good will but we have been witness to the horrors of Aleppo and Yemen and to the increase of racist attacks both here in the GB and the USA.Is this what the future holds or can we  fight against this thoughtless and ignorant turn that is gaining precedence. What will it take to wake us up to climate change? How can rich nations let others starve and watch the poor of their own countries use food banks,mentally ill patients sleep rough and so on. 
 It must be  possible for us to start to resist the powers that have  engendered this?
 Let us return  to seeing other human beings with tolerance and understanding. Can we share and care rather than just accumilate our sad little empires of envy, fear and greed.
 Humankind thrived on this planet by cooperartion of all kinds and I prefer that to competition and bullying.
 Well have a good Christmas or whatever festival of light you celebrate and lets hope for love and decency to prevail so that we can continue to"walk in beauty"