Friday, 2 November 2018

Another Autumn

Well another Autumn and the world is changing and not in a good way .I spend time trying to counter all the vile right wing stuff with my facebook account. Consequently most people think I am a bit of a looney however I think it is time to be more positive on Bright Star and try to get a bit of balance back for my own equilibrium. Our world is so amazing and beautiful and so threatened that it can break your heart.

Autumn is a time to turn inward and wait for the winter to do his work until spring works her miracle of new birth.Time to sit around the wood stove and tell stories and remember.

Time to heal wounds of the heart and steady the soul.To feel the Earth going to rest beneath our feet and drink in the colour of rust,gold,yellow and vermilion leaves before they fade and return to the soil.

Gather mushrooms, kindling acorns and pine cones and put the garden to sleep.
Now is the time to read and visit other worlds and other times.
To float on a river of dreams for a while. 

Today would have been my Dad's birthday and I feel his presence close as always.

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  1. Dear Angela, Hope your good. I love fall, its my favorite season of the year! And I love your painting. Cheers, Ruby