Thursday, 29 July 2010


Colette was a French writer  ,her full name was Sidonie Gabrielle  Colette and she was born at San Sauveur en Puisaye on the 28th January 1873.
 Her early writing was dominated by her first  husband"Willy" who took credit for the work and introduced his young wife to the racy side of the Paris Salons. Colette wrote the famous Claudine stories which were considered very naughty at the time.She broke with Gautier Villars [Willy] and embarked on a lesbian relationship with "Missy otherwise known as  Countess Mathilde de Morny.
She later married and had a daughter with Henry de Jouvenal.During the 1st War she nursed when De Jouvenel was called up. Her books are wonderfully sensual and full of insght .She loved food and animals and brought them to her work. Cheri is one of my favourites although I love all  of her books .
Having divorced Henry she proceeded to have an affaire with his handsome son Bertrand who described her thus" Ma Cherie Maman" Later in life she lived in St Tropez and wrote wondefully of her life there.She also met her last Grand Passion Maurice Goudeket who was her loving companion until her death on the 3rd of August 1954.Colette is buried in Pere Laschaise cemetary
I really hope this entices you to read her books  they are pure joy. The picture below is of Colette at her home in St Tropez.She cooked wonderful food for her friends and swam sometimes at night under the stars.


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