Saturday, 25 September 2010

I was looking through some pictures of  the visit Emma and I did to Paris a year or so ago. We went by Eurostar to the Gare Du Nord and stayed in a small hotel on the Rue Lepic in Montmartre.We were so entranced by the place that we spent the whole long weekend just exploring the area. 
 A paradise of artist's studios and cafes, Le Lapin Agile where Picasso paid for his drinks with paintings! Renoir's house and the bar were the Impressionists played billiards. It was amazing how much there was in one small area of Paris . One evening we sat in a Belle Epoch  bar where a beautiful red haired singer sang "Chanson" and I found myself in tears! I phoned my husband  and said ,"Listen,I'm really in Paris" 
There is one very special place, a museum hidden away called The Mussee of La Vie Romantique and it is a little gem. It houses many  pictures and memorabilia of George Sand ,Chopin and other Romantics.There is a civilized tea room and pretty garden so we had tea and people watched. It was a lovely experience,I was right back there with George  Sand!

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  1. Always lovely photos as usual, Ang. Ang, would you mind trying to make a post to my blog and let me know if it will let you do it without forcing you to add ten email addresses?