Sunday, 9 January 2011

A Little Moment of Magic

We are going to Majorca in the Spring,it has long been on my list for a Literary Pilgrimage and now at last I shall follow in the footsteps of George Sand and Chopin!
With this in mind I searched Amazon for some suitable reading to take with me.I found the two books shown above.Both lovely little paperback volumes used as they are described but in good condition.George Sand and Chopin stayed in the Cartuja of Valldemosa,he composed some of his most beautiful works and she wrote A Winter in Majorca while her children Maurice ,the adored son and the headstrong daughter Solange ran free in the corridors.George hoped the stay would cement their love and cure Chopin whose health was failing.

They arrived by boat and Chopin had his Pleyel piano shipped over.The corridors of Valledamosa echoed with the sound of his playing while George wrote and the children ran wild.

So many people have followed in their footsteps and I believe there is always a red rose on the piano which is kept in the Cartuja.

Imagine how lovely it was to open the book A Winter in Majorca and find pressed between the pages petals from the bouganvielia plant.This grows in abundance at Valldemosa and I imagine the previous owner of this book having it in his or her hand while touring the Cartuja.Then so as to remember the visit tucking a few petals between the pages.The book was probably put away and not opened again until I held it! Well that is my romantic fancy anyway! However I will take this book back to visit Valldemosa  again.I can't help wishing I knew who pressed those flowers, perhaps two music lovers had a tryst and wandered in the grounds together.
Well  I shall never know but  I am so glad this book came to me ! I am a hopeless romantic sometimes but Hey! Ho!


  1. Oh, what a beautiful story... So touching and so serendipitous to make such a lovely find...
    It will be a beautiful trip for so many reasons I am sure.
    Love all the images here, they have almost an ethereal softness about them, so fitting the sentiments.

  2. Now I wouldn't get that from my new Kindle would I? How special! I've a fancy for Majorca for the birding and the walks, lucky you;)

  3. Kindles can be good for holiday reading ,pulp fiction etc but a book is a sacred thing!Thanks girls for you comments and for dropping by lol x

  4. My favourite composer and how lucky to find that book with the petals secreted inside. It would be wonderful to just skip over to Majorca; it would take two planes and thirty hours from Oz! Lucky girl; enjoy your holiday! I'm now going to look for those books!