Wednesday, 19 January 2011

My greatest weakness unusual clothes !

I have discovered this lovely Japanese style called Mori .It is popular with girls who like individual styles and mixes.A Mori is a woodland girl.

The movement is against the dictates of high street fashion and includes retro.I think that it is a charming idea.
However  I am a little too old to be a woodland girl although I did a bit of tree hugging in my last post!
I am of the opinion that all dress is fancy dress in a way as we are all born naked so clothes should be fun,individual,an expression of self and comfy anything else seems like bondage!

There is a touch of the fairy here !


  1. That is a touch a fairy-look and it'a very feminine, which I like!

  2. Thanks for popping in Betsy,yes I like a feminine look too!

  3. I agree with you completely on the sense of what clothes should mean to us. And I love these choices - adorable, feminine and fun!;)
    Thank you so much for your wonderful latest comment at my place, your words mean so much.;))

  4. Quite divine! I never pass Haruka without scrutinising their frequently changing window and asking "I wonder if Angela would like that?".

  5. This is a very cute style...I like it. Reminds me somewhat of Victorian dressing.
    You have a BEAUTIFUL blog! I'm adding you to my favorites : )

  6. Thankyou girls it is lovely to think you enjoy my blog,I certainly love yours! Zuzana you are so feeling and Im glad you liked what I said. Kath I am planning a trip to Glastonbury soon and will be sure to go to Haruka, it made me feel all warm you thinking of me when you pass the shop! Thanks Lady cat ditto!

  7. Oh, yes a very feminine style indeed. And I like that style although I am too old and not av woodland girl. Sad that is, but I've got three granddaughters, perhaps that will do...
    You've a beautiful blog and I like your taste of clothes. I've also notised that you like our great painter Carl Larson. So typically swedish...
    Love to come and visit your blog!
    All for now, have a great weekend and be well.

  8. Thanks Beep,
    I am now following your blog! I love larsson and Swedish style!
    I also like Gudrun Sjoden's clothes.
    Thanks for dropping in on my blog.All the best to you and yours
    Angela x

  9. ! amazing!!!

    xoxo from rome

  10. Beautiful style and colours! Love your blog

  11. Thanks,what a lovely name for your gorgeous blogg! Thanks will be following you now!

  12. i am too old but i don't care since i am also an aspiring babe :)

    this style is almost victorian. i like the layered look, so soft and feminine.


  13. excuse me, chigau. you meant forest you insolent gjfkcstecy