Monday, 4 April 2011

The last of the winter!

We took a trip to London to visit Mum and stopped off at a lovely Dartmoor village called Chagford. We had lunch in the wholefood cafe  and stretched our legs.I went into the village library and had a chat about the governments cuts  to our library services.

All around were signs of spring,Wordsworth's daffodils come to mind and even tho that poem is sometimes ridiculed I think read aloud and with sensitivity it is a beautiful and evocative piece

Blossom so delicate and fleeting!

Shelley says "If Winter comes can Spring be far behind?"

The trip was good but when I came home I got a chest infection which seems to me to be winters little act of revenge!


  1. Beautiful images of lovely spring blossom. Indeed, spring is undoubtedly here.
    Sorry about you not feeling well, hope you get better soon.

  2. Oh poor you. Sending you a Glasto-hug. Lovely photos, as you say, the blossom is very fleeting. I kept meaning to photograph the blossom in our park...and then it was gone!blown down over night.

  3. Thanks girls,I am taking a while to get over this chest infection and feel a bit exhausted. I am going to work at the library today .Hope my posts pick up again !!!

  4. Good pictures, mang! Mrs E x