Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Some inspiration for our wardrobes!

This is really lovely I love lacework.Ther are some pretty lacy boleros in the shops.

I love the dainty detail of this and if you can't afford it how easy is this to copy with bits from the workbox!

Here is the whole thing,somehow however much I love this look I think the good people of Truro would find this a little over the top! Might cause a stir in Tesco!

This I really love and I would love to wear it!

What delicate colours and again an easy style to copy.

The use of all the different fabrics really interests me,it  takes a good eye to make this work!


  I think this is my favourite,the bag just sets it off and the whole ensemble especially the lovely jacket enchants me. I hope that has given you a few ideas for the spring and sewing projects.


  1. I love all of these clothes, but here in my small farm town, I think that I couldn't wear the total outfits either. I do think that wearing one piece and pairing it with something would be OK. I really do love these things, thanks for sharing!

  2. you have such a good taste!!! I think you would absolutely love this shop in Porvoo, where i visit much as i can. i would want to purchase clothing from this Våga shop; they even have Ewa i Walla's clothes, but it is bit expensive for students penny purse! But i always feel that i want to create something myself when i am in the shop, it makes me inspired and quite few shops make me feel that way.

    here is the link so you can peek in:

  3. Hi Angela, have you seen you will LOVE her clothes! xx

  4. p.s. it takes a LOT of courage to truly wear clothes that i would want to in this village. I have done so few times, i think i am village weirdo in here, too colorful!

  5. thanks for the feedback,they are very romantic styles and maybe best not all worn together!! I think I am the library weirdo actually! Thanks for the websites I shall have a look! lol to all

  6. Hi Angela,
    These are my kind of clothes too! ;-) White lace tops are always a must for spring and summertime.
    Gorgeous romantic fashions!
    Have a great weekend,

  7. Lovely! I want all of them!

  8. Gorgeous!!! Thank you for the inspiration! :)
    ~ Zuzu

  9. I want those knickers!!! If I could sew I would sew some just like that. Thank you for visiting my blog.

  10. Kerrie thanks for dropping in,you could always have a go at at making them! Ho! Ho!

  11. Wish you were my personal dresser! I'll be in Cornwall all June - perhaps we can go shopping??

  12. I LOVE the first outfit, but I guess you are right - might get some strange looks, At least here in Chagford I am not alone in wearing 'odd' clothes, but I am still not brave enough to wear the outfits I would really like to!

  13. Hello.
    Excuse me, but you have take some photos to my blog, but you have not put a link with my blog, the photos are note copyright free.
    Thank you for your understanding.

  14. Dear "Une Fee dans la Citrouille" Sorry not to have put another link on the post but you will find that I have you perminently linked to my blog for all the followers to go straight to your shop site.Your shop is so lovely,I look each day and wish I could come there myself. Maybe one day!