Friday, 22 July 2011

Added a few more links!

I nave not had much time to post  recently,summer visits and such! Watering plants ,getting a summer cold, worrying about my job ,all these have taken up my spare time.I know I have just skimmed through the blogs I follow without making many comments on some of the great posts.Summer is an active time and contemplation is neglected however I have added new links to some of the pictures on Bright Star which may interest you! The one about the Golden Wonder Book was a find. As a child I was enchanted and haunted by some of the illustrations. You may also like to pay a visit to The Penlee gallery  to look at some of the wonderful paintings of The Newlyn School.

Tired Bunny
This  sweet illustratrion is byTerri Windling,a wonderful writer and artist who has a fascinating Blog,see my link to her site. I feel just like this myself so shall slip into bed with a good book .Night all!


  1. LOVE the tired bunny illustration. I think we are all keeping pretty busy right now, but it is a delight to pop over and visit you - I love your blog! Enjoy the summer.

  2. Summer does seema time of business away from blogging, i feel the same. I love Terri windlings work & her blog, both fascinating. ruthie

  3. I am really lathargic today! Terri Windling's blog was the first I ever found.It is so intelligent it inspired me to have ago!Thanks for dropping by ladies!

  4. What a beautiful blog, Angela! Thanks for following mine!
    All the best,

  5. Thanks Jean,will follow your publishing project. I am writing but have not achieved first draft staus yet.lolAngela