Monday, 19 September 2011

Writers Workshop

Novelist Sarah Duncan and one of her entertaining books!
I work in a vibrant Lottery Funded Community Library here in Truro and so I get to do some great things and get paid too!!
A collection of Sarah's novels.

Sarah Duncan and  agent Dorothy Lumley of The Dorian Literary Agency came together at the library to  give us two  great days  full of advice and insight into writing ,pitching and publishing our work. They were amazing and everyone enjoyed the workshops.
I am trying to write my first novel and I am very lazy about it so this has kick started my enthusiasm and shown me how much I must improve and work if my dream of seeing my name on a front cover in Waterstones is to be realized Ho! Ho!
The workshop was brought to us by an exciting Agency here in the South West, follow the link to find out more about 
The standard of work that the writers brought with them for appraisal was very high and  varied  we all went away with renewed enthusiasm.
Dorothy Lumley  helping a new writer.
I had better get on with writing myself !


  1. what a wonderful opportunity! it looks like it was fun too.

  2. Too cool! I would love to go to something like that.

  3. Hi Angela. This sounds like a wonderful opportunity. Happy Writing!

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful time!

  5. Yes it was great.Sometimes you can feel exhausted after a course but this one gave me a real burst of energy.I think all those taking part were positive and supportive to eachother and that makes a big difference.If anyone would like to see some of the things we do at the library just google Truro Community Library facebook project.You need not be a member of facebook to do this and you can become a friend too!

  6. It must be very nice to get an opportunity to meet real writers.;))
    And what a wonderful work you have, what can be better than being surrounded by books the whole day.;))

  7. Sorry I missed her. It sounds like a great session...and my manuscript is submission-ready. Drat!

    I must get to one of her events soon. Her blog is a great help to aspiring writers.

    Glad you are getting on with yours.

  8. Looks like a very inspiring event to go to - good luck with your writing, and most important, have fun doing it!

  9. Wish I could've gone... Does Truro Library have a mailing list for events? x

  10. Sorry Emma not as yet but our Facebook will have posts about any events in the future.