Monday, 14 November 2011

Making Cherry Liqueur.

I posted about a gorgeous cookery book "Rose Petal Jam"  a while back. It is a book about Beata Zatorska ,a polish Australian who travels back to Poland to rediscover her childhood and relatives. She writes about the food she remembers so beautifully and how it coloured her life. I decided to try to make a cherry liqueur that she gives the recipe for. I thought Christmas is coming,just the thing. So we steeped the cherries in sugar for the allotted time and then stirred it ,leaving it to settle. Then we squeezed the fruit to extract the last oozings and added vodka! Of course tasting was absolutely necessary! One bottle has already gone !!!!!!!

I have also discovered a new Artist who was from Poland Olga Boznanska !

I made some labels !
Perhaps Olga used to sip cherry liqueur!