Friday, 6 July 2012

Paintings with a social conscience,

Before we had unlimited media coverage some artists was used  their work to make people aware of the everyday lives of the poor and the workers This is by Giovanni Segantini.Find out more about him by using the link.I have seen this picture in reality ,it is very large and has incredible force.

Here in Cornwall we had a group of artists who  painted  the lives of the local people.
These artists became known as the Newlyn Group and formed a colony in and around the village
Lamorna Cove was a favourite place for a studio or home.
An old Cornish man tending his garden in the sun.
Fisher girls.

Daily life in the village of Newlyn..

 AGroup of Scottish artist also painted pictures of ordinary life.

This portrait by Guthrie shows the character of this elderly man. vividly, all his life is written in his face.
This little girl in a muddy field,out in all weathers working.

Back again in Cornwall .

Walter Langley uses watercolour to capture this elderly lady musing.

The carefree child and the old man with the weight of the world on his shoulders.
These painters and their work brought the life of the poor into view rather like the headlines and articles in today's newspapers or the writing of Dickens and others who wanted to alert the world to the sad and deprived lives of the exploited.
My view is that these are not mawkish or sentimental but at the time as needed as TV documentaries or front line journalism and photography today. I get crit for filling my blogs with pretty or beautiful images by my down to earth friends so perhaps this offering will redress that a little.
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  1. An interesting collection of paintings. I love the work of the Newlyn Painters. I`m sure you are right that artists were the social commentators of their day. Their almost photographic representations seem like early versions of the photography of people like Martin Parr, who captures real people, often at random moments in their lives.

  2. Yes ,thanks for that.The power of Picasso's Guernica for instance.I will look up Martin Parr I have not come across him!

  3. These paintings beautifully depict the everyday life of a common man. very honest and natural. thanks for sharing them. cheers, ruby