Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Autumn has come.

Autumn has come in ,it slipped into being while I was away from home!
I love Autumn for the sense of peace that it brings,a sort of gentle closing down.
There is so much beauty in the last oozings of blousy summer that I want to sit and read folk tales and  visit the world of faery.
The need to walk in the woods and smell the earth,leaves and fungi.
Time to read Keats's Autumn again,make windfall apple pie and drink an earthy wine that tastes of moss and darkness.
Wrap up in Autumn colours
 and sit dreaming as the season turns and  travels inward.
Imagine the ancient times when our ancestors lived closer to the our Earth than we do.
Allow the natural slowing down of nature enter the soul and remember the words of the poet Shelley as autumn turns to winter,
"If winter comes can spring be far behind"


  1. That was a very beautiful autumn post - with lovely pictures. I little more sunshine would be welcome to enhance the autumn feel.

  2. Lovely images you have chosen to illustrate my favorite season. It has an unique atmosphere that no other season has.
    I love the idea of wrapping up in autumn colours, I'm off to pull out all my rusts, browns and golds right now!

    1. I just felt very mellow,thanks girls,you are both really lovely!

    2. Thankyou Sandra,I do aggree it has a way of drawing inwards that isamazing!

  3. Angela,
    I feel all cozy and blissful after reading this post. I love autumn and its colors and brisk air. The comfort season has begun!
    Enjoy autumn and all its joys.
    Blissful tidings...

  4. Hello Angela

    You create a beautiful image of Autumn and all the comforts and colours.

    Wishing you a week of joy

    Helen xx

    1. Thankyou Helen for your good wishes ,you have a joyful Autumn too!

  5. I have to say Angela that Autumn is not my favourite season, but I could be persuaded by just looking at all the mellow shades in these paintings.

    The Shelley quote is one of my favourites however, and with it the mention of spring ...!

    I do hope you are fully recovered now.


    1. I do love all the seasons except Jan and feb when I can get low!
      Shelley is my favourite poet .thanks for dropping by ,all the best!

  6. Dear Angela, it is as if you described my own sentiments about this fiery season;) I have grown to love autumn as I grow older and i too relish in its gentle melancholy and tranquility, in the colours and the conclusions.;))
    Hope you have been well, I am back blogging again.;)

    1. Dear Zuzana,glad you are back and thanks for those kind words. Enjoy Autumn with you handsome husband.I look forward to your posts again. xx

  7. You always have the most wonderful and delicate paintings to share! Autumn is my favorite season. The fall colors and the wet weather are intoxicating!! Beautiful post. I enjoyed it!!!