Thursday, 24 January 2013


Snow has fallen all over the country but here in the west of Cornwall we have had very little.Something wonderful happens when snow covers the land and all seems quiet and peaceful.Looking at snow under the moon has a special kind of magic.
I have always liked the winter world of Caspar David Friedrich,the cold romantic landscape.

Mucha's beautiful evocation of winter is personified  by a cold ,mysterious lady in white.

Here Monet captures winter around Giverny.
Sitting in our warm homes with good food and company it is easy to forget those who are outside suffering without home and comfort. Winter is beautiful but also unforgiving.
As a child I was frightened by the story of the Snow Queen and her stealing away Kai from Gerda.
I need to feel safe in winter
I love log piles and warm quilts.
I have not posted for a while because I have had no time to get away and be able to indulge myself.
My 89 yearold Mum came to stay at christmas,slipped on the stairs and will be with me until her broken arm mends. Although it has been painful for her it has also been very good for our relationship,we have talked and been close. She is doing well and has put on weight eating slow cooked winter casseroles and spicey stewed fruit ,lots of  hot milky drinks at night and has become addicted to porridge with brown sugar!
Bed now beckons so goodnight and under the quilt!!!