Monday, 24 February 2014

I have to have a rant!!!!

I do not want to be a misery but I feel at the moment that I am wandering in a hostile country!
The punitive way our government is treating the poor and the sick is a nightmare!
I was happy to be living in a country that was civilised enough to take care of its ill and disadvantaged but now I see greed,fear and ignorance being rewarded and kindness and compassion being swept away on a storm of vindictive destruction. Naive as I may seem I did believe we had some safeguards against this sort of destruction.
Libraries closed,people being bullied by private firms  and still the rich are getting richer. This is not the way to sort out a financial crisis but an excuse to line the pockets of the already well off.
I am now ashamed to be part of a country that behaves in this way.

People do not want to end up on the street but not everyone is born to go to Eton!

This is Britain today,scenes like this are becoming more common and will escalate as the new laws are brought into being.
I do not know exactly how to change this but I do know that there are people out there with some great ideas  that would help. We should fight for our public services ,I am deeply ashamed of the Con/Dems for their stance on the financial crisis and the way my fellow citizens are falling for the lies and half truths spread by our increasingly inflammatory popular press,BNP,UKIP etc.
Well there it is will this be the end of the all the work that was done in the past to make life bearable for the  disadvantaged and sick,I so hope not!Where are the decent ,caring people?