Sunday, 2 November 2014

Autumn Idylls

Today it would have been  my Dad's birthday so I wanted to get out into the country and remember him doing what he so enjoyed which was walking here in Cornwall with my Mum when they came to stay.I would direct him around some of the routes of the mobile library that I was working on at the time,winding through the lanes to small villages and hamlets that were off the beaten track of the usual tourist.This is the village church of St Michael in Penkivel.

Beyond these gates lies Tregothnan
the residence of the Boscawen family. I can remember having to get out of the library van and open the gate and then shut it again after we had served the house.The cook would give us coffee in the kitchen and homemade biscuits!

Then it was on through the magical Lamorran Wood with its hairpin bends ,mossy walls and carpets of autumn leaves.In winter it was sometimes deep in snow which added to its mystical enchantment. 

Coming out of the woods we came to the tidal river at Ruan where the water  was high and the trees dipped their  mossy branches into its grey green depths.

A cave of Autumn trees!
Not a sound but the cries of birds and the rippling tide as it surged up river.
I remembered seeing the blue flash of a kingfisher here when we stopped for a break one morning,library vans make good hides and I saw so much wild life .

We drove on to Porthcurnick beach where the sun shone on the sea,the white surf a contrast to the deep blue of the waters. The aroma of salt and seaweed on the wind always comes as a new thrill for the senses.A long look at the horizon brings thoughts of sea going adventure and discovery.

Gulls were diving into the surf looking for for sand eels.
The sea as old as time.

I think this dog would like to get among the gulls. He was certainly having a lovely time playing in the waves.

The layers of colour were stunning!
On the way back to the car and the comfort of our coffee and sandwhiches we did a little botanizing!

 A bedraggled campion still flowering in the lane leading down to the beach.

Hawthorn berries,rich pickings for the birds.

Swan Lake?

As we drove home we saw a double rainbow. Wordsworth said that his heart leapt whenever he saw a rainbow and so does mine. These  were so vivid I felt sure that they must be a good omen.