Thursday, 8 July 2010

I run a poetry group at Truro Community Library where I work and todays session was great,I spoke about the life and work of Federico Garcia Lorca who wrote beautiful and surreal poetry that evokes the bleeding heart of Spain,he was murdered by the Right in the Spanish civil war perhaps for his politics or because he was gay. Here is a small taste of Lorca. Food for the imagination.

La Lola

Bajo el naranjo lava

panales de algodon

tiene verde les ojos

y violeta la voz

Roughly translated:- Under the orange tree

she washes baby clothes

her eyes are green

and violet is her voice

Ah! love, under under the orange tree in blossom

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  1. This is like a nice scrapbook. You can use more of my collages if you want. Please put that Lorca poem about green on here. I'll send you some more photos you might want to use. Lots of love and happy blogging, Mrs E x