Saturday, 16 October 2010

Autumn colours

Autumn leaves have started to fall,I don't think anyone said it better than John Keats in his beautiful  To Autumn but here is a small contribution by me.
The taste of mushrooms
in an Autumn omelette,
the scent of turning inward,
of fallen leaves,
damp to the touch,
enchant the eye and soften the sound of footsteps.

Tomorrow morning Steve and I are planning a walk in Lammorran Woods  , an enchanting area where I think time  slows down!


  1. The first part of your poem make me feel hungry,mushroom omelet so yummy.Hope you enjoyed your walk Liz from OZ

  2. lovely autumnal poems!

    I love:
    Yellow the bracken, golden the sheaves.
    Rosy the apples, crimson the leaves.
    Mist on the hillside, clouds gray and white.
    Autumn good morning and summer good night!
    — from Wynstone Press’s Autumn book

    you inspired me to share! I <3 autumn x