Sunday, 31 October 2010

We have just come back from a weekend in Totnes Devon .We stayed at the home of our very dear friends Richard and Brenda..This morning amid showers we walked to Dartington for coffee.I have taken some pics.and will post them soon but just wanted to say have a good Samhain,we have just eaten firey ginger cake and apples while sitting in candle light talking about seeds in the ground waiting for spring, regeneration and remembering those who have passed on. The stove was bright and cosy and the tea comforting. I am thinking especially of my Dad who died last year at 86,he was a W.W2  veteran and a truly lovely man. We all miss him and his sense of humour which was quirky,he loved to play with words

I will just post a couple more lovely ideas for winter clothes,the fabrics look wonderful together and make me keen to finish the skirt I cut out last week!

I love these colours and layers!


  1. Happy Samhain Angela :)
    After a rather strange day, reading your blog post has reminded me that this evening would be better spent feeling gratitude & thankful. And that instantly makes me feel happier! So thank you...
    And I'm glad you had a lovely weekend.
    And those outfits look beautiful...I lust after pretty fabrics myself...hehe :)x

  2. That sounds a wonderful way to celebrate samhain, remembering back & looking forward. We kind of missed out o ours as we were travelling home! but blessings to you. I do love the layered look!! I hope you show the skirt you are making im intrigued to see it!

  3. Oh you would love a shop we have here in Glasotnbury, she does the loveliest windows. She layers her clothes and clips a bit of the skirt hem up to show the under layers, a little short jacket and a flimsy shawl- gorgeous. Too girly for me tho LOL

  4. I really don't think I could wear all those things together but they look so great and the fabrics are wonderful. I will look for that shop next time we visit Glast. I would like to tho imagine turning up at the library for work in the full regalia! Ha!

  5. Glad you had a lovely weekend.
    Those clothes especially the last pic are wonderful. I would love that coat. :) x

  6. In this moment I see this wonderfull
    dresses and skirts together with a super
    lovely yellow cardigan!!!!
    Where have you seen them??
    Or did you make them by yourself?
    Thank you very much