Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Deep Midwinter

Tonight is the Winter Solstice,the moon and stars are very clear in the frosty air. Airports and stations have been closed and travel disrupted as once more Mother Nature teaches us that we are not  masters of this beautiful Planet but it's children.  The cold  and snow has made me think about the way we live ,always rushing, so demanding and obsessed with material things. I am as guilty as the next person, I do "Retail Therapy" sometimes but this extra cold winter has turned me inward .I have been reading about the myths and legends associated with the Soltice and Christmas.

A lonely human dwarfed by the winter landscape,what lurks in the dark woods beyond,wolves maybe!

The constant need for sustainance,staying warm to stay alive until the Spring.

Elemental fire,the Yule Log,the holly,ivy and bay!

So I have been sitting by the stove reading "The Winter Solstice" by John Matthews and imersing myself in old lore and hoping that the Glastonbury Thorn will survive the recent attack and bloom again!


  1. BBRRRR by the fire is the best place to be on a night like this Angela!
    Happy new year!

  2. Beautiful sentiments that very much reflect my own - I love to savour the tranquility that winter offers and see the beauty of its enchanted charm at all times.
    Is that last picture taken in your home? What an incredibly cosy spot.;)

  3. Thanks for following pamela,Yes last night was very cold especially in Cornwall where we are used to milder climes.Happy New year to you and yours X

  4. Yule greetings Angela! Sounds like good news for the Thorn. According to the Central Somerset gazette, "an arborist employed to assess the damage believes the tree will survive. Peter Wood Frearson said that the tree's wounds had been dressed with pine resin and beeswax and the tree had been wrapped to protect it from the frost". He is quoted as saying the root system looks to be healthy and almost guaranteed to shoot again in the Spring.
    I still give it a stroke whenever I go past!
    Have a wonderful Christmas, Kath

  5. Yule greetings to you! This is such a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing this.

  6. This winter has been hard for many people, but it has also been magical - and your post makes me feel like snuggling up in the warm myself. Have a lovely Christmas !

  7. I am doing much the same. Sitting by the woodfire, reading, and taking in the quiet beauty of the season.
    Wishing you joy, Angela!
    ~ Zuzu

  8. Lovely photos. Hope you had a very lovely Christmas. Here's hoping the new year will be full of magic, best wishes, Carolyn x