Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Years's Resolutions!

Last night was the last day of a year that had many wonderful moments and some truly scary ones too.My husband Steve had a serious illness and I thought I might loose him, thankfully he fully recovered . Work was good with many events and exciting stuff going on a  the library where I work and facilitate a poetry group and reading group.Our poets have just published a small collection of their work over the last year and will soon have a launch and perform some of thier varied poetry for the  public.It has been a special joy to work with them all.The readers group is inspiring and much "book crossing" takes place .  We are all anxious about the fate of our public library system here  as the government is making swinging cuts to our public services however I live in hope!

A special highlight this last year was taking my Mum who is a glamorous 87 year old  to Hampton Court Palace where she attempted to be Henry the 8Th's 7th wife.Not a good idea Mum if you value your head!!!

We enjoyed  Christmas and now it is time to make plans for this empty canvas of a New Year. So I resolve to  to live ,love learn and hopefully be happy! I quote a poem sent to me by my Dear friend Karen a talented potter and renaissance woman if ever there was one.
Plans have to be conjured,
Magicians consulted,
escape to green leaves and willowing forests a priority,
Stealing away in pink dawn lights.
before the metal madness and fume filled streets erupt with maggot cars.

 New destinations ,more literary pilgrimages,I am excited!! Majorca in the spring to follow in the footsteps of George Sand and Chopin and Robert Graves!  That is the first  adventure. New books to read old books to savour and new and old friends to cherish ,how's that for a few attainable New Years resolutions?
A Happy, peaceful and creative New year to everyone who drops in on Bright Star, I was given Keat's biography by Andrew Motion for a Christmas present,how good is that?


  1. Hi Just came across your blog from another blog. We were at Hampton Court Palace yesterday and I took a photograph of Henry V111, see my blog. What a great place to live in Cornwall, we were there in September on holiday. Hopefully will go back there again in the next year or so.

    Happy New Year, Jackie in Surrey.

  2. haooy new Year Angela! I hope it brings all good things to you.
    Your Mamma looks amazing for 87, I hope I look as good as she does.

  3. Wow, your mother looks great! Henry doesn't look too bad either;) shame about his reputation! Lovely to have you visit my blog, and witness my ongoing life-crisis lol;)
    Happy New Year Angela

  4. thanks for your comments girls! Jackie please follow my blog ,I come from Ashford in Middx and loved your Bosham post.I remeber going there years ago!

  5. I LOVE Hampton Court Palace! SO BEAUTIFUL!

  6. I hope your husband is feeling much better now, Angela!
    Such a wonderful post - full of the promise of the new year. I'm hoping 2011 will be a great year for you & yours.

  7. Yes, it's very good you got given Motion's Keats! (What an unfortunate surname that man has...) It must have been a very kind and wonderful character who gave you that. Now, let me think who it might've been...

  8. Thanks Emma My beloved ex- stepdaughter ! Ho ! Ho!