Wednesday, 12 January 2011

A Sunday Walk

This Sunday the sun was out and we drove to Trellisick Gardens which are very near us ,a National Trust Property we love to visit it in all seasons. Someone  has had a lovely idea to put a bow on the romantic tower that always reminds me of Rapunzel !

Without their leaves the amazing shape and texture  of the trees we could see was wonderful.This isjust one of many gnarled and twisted examples.

Have you ever read The Secret Garden ? Could this be it? What mystery lies behind the green door? I love doors , it must be pschological ,always searching for what is hidden.

Steve got snapping with his Blackberry and caught me looking at the rusty brown dead heads of this plant.

The Sensory Garden did not have many scents to share at this time of the Year ! Only the Rosemary was fragrant.

The shapes of some of the ancient trees  remind me of Rackham ,I can imagine a willowy fairy hiding here!

 Trellisick is on the banks of the Fal which in the words of Dylan Thomas often has "a heron priested shore"

I couldn't resist a bit of tree hugging,no one was looking!

We found that someone had decorated  the little summer house with seasonal paintings , leaves and crafts.It was very charming!

The shapes are incredible!

This is a really lovely picture taken by Steve , he is pleased with this one!

The trees,the river shining in the afternoon sun  and a kind of peace that only winter brings is very good for the soul!

The ivy is still green and the mosses that cling simbiotically to the resting trees.

I love this,who lives here? My imagination returns to childhood and I see the entrance to a magic world maybe?
It was a great walk and then we had a pot of Earl Grey tea at exactly 3pm how English is that and ginger cake too! Thanks to Steve for the photos,I left my camera behind that day!


  1. What lovely photos, Well done Steve for your special photo!
    I just love that little summer house, I would love one when we get the garden sorted.

  2. Gorgeous photos Angela, winter gardens are beautiful in their own way!
    YOu've made me want to visit again now :) x

  3. Yes it was lovely,thanks for your comments,I was feeling a bit fae that day!!

  4. Fabulous gardens. I love drawing those twisty old trunks in pencil. You've inspired me to visit sometime. Beautiful photos as usual Ange. Your hair's longer suits you.

  5. I like this post very much Angela. The gardens are very magical. I would love to visit sometime. Secret gardens are my favourite and the trees do look like Arthur Rackham trees!
    All the best for 2011.

  6. Thanks Joanna ! same to you .lol

  7. Awww...what a delightful blog! I'm so glad to have seen you on my followers list so I could come over and meet you! I know I'll enjoying coming here often! xo

  8. Angela, thank you for following my blog and giving me the opportunity to reciprocate! I will enjoy exploring your past posts; you live in such a magical part of the world. My husband was born in Cornwall and he has very special qualities! One day I hope I'll visit!

  9. Thanks alaine,I will do the same ,all the best!

  10. Hi Angela,
    Thanks for coming over and visiting my blog... hope to see you there often. I love your blog. My wife (Lady of Wellington, I have her on my sidebar) would love your blog. I'm listing you in my blog list. Have a great fun day! :)
    Lord Thomas of Wellington