Wednesday, 6 April 2011

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 This is one of the doors of Truro Cathedral  I photographed last summer.
We have a wonderful view from our house of the three spires  which are lit up at night.The Cathedral is a central point here in Truro and a very peaceful and beautiful place visit for a quiet moment. Whatever your beliefs or non beliefs it has a tranquil effect.
Sometimes the spires emerge from the Cornish mist and seem to be floating above the city.The most spectacular effects can be seen when there is a thunder and lightening storm ,very gothic!  
 Having been ill in bed for a few days I  have spent time gazing out at the play of light on the newly refurbished  Bath stone  spires and letting my mind wander.    Seagulls wheal and fly around the highest points and a  pair of  peregrine falcons return each year to nest on one of the spires,their distinctive cries  are heard over  the city.    The bells are also lovely to hear when a peel is rung, my brother Andrew is a keen campanologist and loves to join the ringers when he comes to visit!
Many local hands worked on the symmetry of this building, stone masons left their mark and probably their secret signatures high on the lofty spires.


  1. Hi Angela!

    Your photo of the door at Truro Cathedral is so pertty. It makes me want to open it go inside. Through your words, I could envision the spires rising above the mist. Gorgeous!

    I hope you have a wonderful day. La

  2. Thanks La,we are having some lovely spring weather at the moment.

  3. It sounds a lovely sight to behold! i love the sound of ringing church bells. I do hope you are feeling better very soon. ps i the spring images in the last post cheered me up no end, thank you, its so lovey to see the stirrings & some colours of the season.

  4. The cathedral door is so beautiful and has such character. I love doorways, they hold such possibilities on the other side. The cathedral sounds like a wonderful view to behold.

  5. Thanks for your comment ladies,spring is here and I have bought some new geraniums and I am growing garlic in my greenhouse also some peppers! Winter was long this year! lol Angela

  6. Dear Angela,
    What a sweet old door. Makes me want to go inside and discover some history. Thank you for stopping by Harmonie House and for your kind words for my Blogiversary. You didn't mention if you'd like to enter the giveaway. Please let me know. I would love to add your name to the bowl.
    I hope you are feeling better and that Springtime has kissed your world.
    Blissful tidings,

  7. Hello Angela!

    I LOVE the dresses you've featured. I'd wear them too. Are you familiar with Tasha Tudor? She passed away about three years ago, but she was a wonderfully eccentric artist who lived an 1830's lifestyle.. and wore authentic clothes from that period. I love the photo, "Dream Village".. where was the photo taken?