Thursday, 26 May 2011

Travelling is wonderful but great to be back in my own bed!!

We had an amazing time and saw some glorious scenery. This is just one of the vistas from the coast of Nothern Mallorca. It is a taste of more posts I am preparing to just wet your appetites! Travelling overland through France,through the Midi Pyrenees to Barcelona and then the ferry to Mallorca was  amazing. When you fly you do not get the feeling that you have gone a long way and that to me  is somehow cheating! Probably it is impossible to go on long hauls overland in a short holiday but it is possible in Europe and it seems much more of an adventure!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Going away for a bit!

Steve and I are heading off into the sunset for a couple of weeks so I shall not post again for a while!
We are going to Barcelona and then on the ferry to Mallorca where we will tour the island .I have never visited  either place before so it is exciting. I particularly want to see where George Sand and Chopin stayed and Deya where Robert Graves lived most of his life.We also want to have some Mallorcan food!  Bye for a while!

Thursday, 5 May 2011

A site to visit!

Deborah Lawrenson is an English novelist living in Provence.She has dropped in and been very flattering about  my blog so I hope you follow the link I will add and take a look at her really beautiful site.If you love Provence and only a very hard hearted soul would not be seduced by this glorious part of France you will enjoy your visit!
Deborah has a new book coming out in July which looks fascinating, find out more on her site and blog. It is not her first novel so you may want to catch up with her earlier books too.Go on indulge yourselves!