Monday, 6 June 2011


Do you remember the post I did just before going to Mallorca about the presssed flower in the book about George Sand?
Well this is the plant growing still in the garden of the rooms that George and Chopin stayed in when they were at the Cartuja  together. I have picked another piece and added to the book !
This is the view from the garden .
I am going to post more about this visit but Summer is so buzy and I shall be away agian for a week in London wth Mum and old friends. I am going to the Victoria and Albert Museum to  the exhibition " The Cult of Beauty" I am excited about that!
I have also had a birthday,I am going backwards now I think! 


  1. This is gorgeous, Angela! I hope you have a great trip in London (the Victoria and Albert Museum exhibit sounds wonderful) and Happy Belated Birthday! :)

  2. Just lovely. Happy Birthday even if it's late :-)
    Enjoy the V and A, be sure to have a chocolate brownie in the courtyard cafe, highly recommended!

  3. Going backwards...I like that idea.

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    Have a Nice Day :-)

  5. I have only been to the Mallorca beaches, but this image makes me want to go back and really explore the island deeper.;))

  6. The plant looks lovely, thanks for sharing.

  7. Nice to have a quiet moment to drop in on your cool, calm blog x

  8. I have just found your blog and I loved your posts about Mallorca. You brought back happy memories of Valldemosa and the wilder mountain regions of the island.

    I remember looking out of the window at Valldemosa and watching raindrops drip down the glass, just as Chopin must have done. A wonderful and evocative place.