Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Midsummer Garden

This morning I took the camera for a walk round our small and untidy garden.My lodger Radek who is Czech but has a Polish Mum says our garden looks like Poland !

It is full of flowers at the moment and humming with bees!

The bees love the marjoram, rue and fennel as well as the poppies and cornflowers.

This is what happens when you throw seed selections about!

This is a quiet corner

This little olive tree came from a visit to The Eden Project a few years ago,it has put out new leaves and it looks as though  small flowers are coming.


The guardian of the garden who sees all the nightly comings and goings of hedghogs, moths mice and other creatures who visit in the darkness.

Friday, 22 July 2011

Added a few more links!

I nave not had much time to post  recently,summer visits and such! Watering plants ,getting a summer cold, worrying about my job ,all these have taken up my spare time.I know I have just skimmed through the blogs I follow without making many comments on some of the great posts.Summer is an active time and contemplation is neglected however I have added new links to some of the pictures on Bright Star which may interest you! The one about the Golden Wonder Book was a find. As a child I was enchanted and haunted by some of the illustrations. You may also like to pay a visit to The Penlee gallery  to look at some of the wonderful paintings of The Newlyn School.

Tired Bunny
This  sweet illustratrion is byTerri Windling,a wonderful writer and artist who has a fascinating Blog,see my link to her site. I feel just like this myself so shall slip into bed with a good book .Night all!

Monday, 4 July 2011

The beautiful Victorian buliding which houses the library where I work.

This old building in the heart of Truro was once a school,It was designed by  a man with a colourful name Sylvanus Trevail .The building was financed by the Cornish philanthropist Passmore Edwards  and after serving as a school became a public Library.
Recently with the generous help of The Lottery Fund this venerable old building has had a face lift!
It is now a thriving Community Library and I am lucky enough to work there.

The library has always been a magic place for me and my university too! What a horror to have a government that thinks that Libraries are expendable!  !!!! I suppose that Eton Boys did not need to visit their local library like the rest of us who found the world betwween the pages of free library books.One little ticket that could take you everywhere !