Friday, 26 August 2011

Circus is the Summer Reading Challenge at my library!

And look who came for a book on Monkey Puzzles!

He brought a few friends too!

Even I was a bit scared of this one!

Heather is our storyteller and she is wearing her Grandads bowler hat.

These characters are all members of a local Circus known as Circus Americano.

The kids made these!

The Summer Reading Challenge encourages children to read and review several books during the summer break and is just another reason why our government should realize that Libraries are essential!


  1. I remember really looking forward to going to the library at the start of the summer holidays when I was a child - mind you I may have been a bit scared if I'd seen this lot! Things like this are a great way of getting youngsters into reading - you are right we should cherish our libraries.

  2. Dear Angela, books are essential and helped me throughout my life, enabling me to learn all those new languages that I was forced to learn, as I moved so much between various countries since childhood.;)
    Lovely captures, seems like a great event.;)

  3. I wish they'd do a reading challenge for grown ups too! x