Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Autumn has come.

The weather has turned here in Cornwall,gusty wind and rain and although the trees are not dropping leaves yet there is a definate change in the season, I always get nostalgic when summer fades!
Today I woke up thinking about age,the passing of time, people I have loved who have died and what it all means.The government seems bent on breaking down some of the institutions that have been so important in my life ,the rich get richer and tell the poor to pull in there belts and it is hard not to feel despondent.The worst thing to do is to get stuck in a rut and I know life is a never ending cycle of change so to find  new ways to fight greed,fear and injustice is the only answer!
One of the people I was remembering was a woman who lived here in Cornwall , I met her when I was working on the mobile library and we became friends. She was in her nineties when she died but in her mid eighties I would arrive and find her digging her vegetable garden still strong and vibrant. Going into her house was a healing process for me ,any worries would fade when I sat by her fire and drank her excellent coffee.She would always ask if it was good sometimes saying she was trying out another blend.Her house was timeless, she made lace,listened to classical music,read poetry, loved flowers and reading.She was often quite blunt  and could hurt peoples feelings,she could not have been described as a dear old lady however she was true to herself and that was so important. . We would talk about all sorts of things and often dissagreed especially on politics but to me she was one of the most successful and admirable women I have ever known.
She had always lived close to nature,and it seemed to me that what she had achieved was a very full life.I miss her sharpness , her wit,the taste of her jam,the best mince pies ever and listening to Bruch's violin concerto over coffee on a cold winters morning. I remember being taken down into the wild place in her garden to see the first snowdrops peeping out of the frosty earth!
She always was such  an inspiration.


  1. Dear Angela,
    I wish I had known someone like that. You are very fortunate to have had her in your life. We are having lots of rain here in the states as well..but I am looking forward to the autumn season. Let the nesting begin!
    I wish you blissful tidings! xo

  2. Hi Angela.

    What a lovely tribute to your lost friend. It is quite evident that she impacted your life greatly.

    The same economic issues are felt here in the states as well. My optimism for our future economy is dwindling.

  3. Your post was a lovely tribute to you friend.
    I have lost many people in my life - my 16 year old son, Joshua- he would be 24 in February. My grandparents. mother in law—all the most wonderful people in my life. What a help they would have been to our grieving family. As each day passes I miss them all so much more. It seems just like yesterday I was watching Joshua play basketball.


  4. Marvellous post, Ang. I shall nag you now to get on with your novel - I'd like to read more of your prose. On the weather chart I noticed the massive sou' westerly right over your neck o' the woods. It's turned dark and dismal up here too. I love the way you illustrate your blog. The pictures are wonderful.

  5. Thanks for your kind comments everyone.Fi I will get there one day with the novel !
    Cindy thanks for following ,I can't get to your blog with what you have given me so let me say that I am so sorry for your losses. Thanks La and Sandra ,all the best!

  6. Such wonderful memories of your friend! A real tribute.

  7. It has been very nice to read your post full of feelings and memories, especially about your friend, she was surely a brave and strong woman. Thanks for sharing!

  8. What a lovely reflective post brought on by the change of seasons...
    I just returned from a short trip to Somerset where we visited family. It was lovely to be there.;) The autumn colors are already so much prominent there then in Denmark.;)
    Beautiful imagery,

  9. I just passed by your blog and noticed that beautiful picture you have on the side bar. It's of a pair of blue shutters behind a couple of chairs and some plant pots.
    It reminds me of Southern France.

  10. I have just come back from a stay with Mum in London and it was really nice to see some new faces had dropped in while I was away.Thanks all. Angela

  11. What a wonderful inspiration to have had! I hope I'm like that when I am old. Too often I smile and nod no matter how strongly I disagree with what someone is saying. But maybe with age I can learn to speak my mind, but in a thoughtful manner. I do quite fancy being a dear old lady too. :-)

  12. Thanks Ciara,I am sure you will be wonderful! I hope I will too!

  13. Dear Angela, what a treasure you found, how wonderful to have those precious memories. When ever you take them out & remember she will be close in your heart. x

  14. Wonderful post with fond reminiscences. Its always an inspiration to meet and get to know people who have lived full, enriching lives!