Sunday, 19 May 2013

Why I have not been blogging!

I wish I could say that I have not been blogging because I have been carried off to the desert by this lovely young Omar Sharif but that is not the reason!
The winter has just groaned on too long and I have felt a bit brain dead however the sun has come out here at last,I have been  planting seeds,potting up geraniums and even had a lovely glass of Merlot on the patio while listening to a blackbird singing its heart out. One day I wonder what its all about,grey skys and drizzle then a bit of sun and compost under the fingernails and I am smiling  and wondering at the sheer joy of living. I can never seem to find that middle ground!
Cornwall is such a place of light and shadow!
I love this  Newlyn School  painting  because it seems to portray this so well.
Steve and I have made plans for a little jaunt together,this is going to be great. First we go to stay with our very good friends Rich and Bren in Totnes Devon ,they were  witnesses at our wedding .
We married in Totnes Register Office with just them as witnesses.It was a really lovely day .
Then on to Kelmscott,the home of one of my heroes William Morris.
We have booked into the local pub for three nights ,as well as visiting Kelmscott manor we shall find the source of the Thames .The river is special to me as my childhood was spent very near to its banks and it has always been a magic place for me.
This is another pilgrimage.
After that we are going on to Glastonbury for a few days.
Actually all that is just a lie, I have been found out ,someone caught me creeping back from my assignation with Omar,damn those mobile phone pics!
The truth is out.