Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Another Balmy Autumn

Every Autumn I am amazed at the beauty of the falling year and the sense of calming down and peace that pervades the atmosphere.

The colours change to red and gold, the glory of red berries returns and I realize that I do not have to rush,there is a choice.

The mists return and shroud the countryside in a gentle mysticism making me want to read of mythic lands and enchantment.

The woods give up their tasty treasures!The joy of an Autumn omlette and a glass of robust red wine.
The first lighting of the woodstove with the scent of dried herbs and a candle in the dusk.

The land bathes in  a burnished gold and during the day the heat of the sun is still with us.

Still later flowers bloom and the fruit trees give us their bounty, the moon is big in the sky.

 Haiku byKyoshi
he says a word
and I say a word-Autumn
is deepening
Haiku byArima Akito
late Autumn-
a single chair waiting
for someone yet to come
Enjoy the season one and all!