Sunday, 27 October 2013

Pre -Raphaelites agogo!

I have been getting together an event for the library,really exciting subject too.
A wonderful lady called Kit Williams got chatting to me in the library several months ago. She asked me to help her find some info on Frida Kahlo and I was able to help her.
I asked her if she ever gave lectures and she said yes she relished giving them so we have had a very well attended Frida Kahlo Event and now we are are about to do the Pre-RaphaeliteBrotherhood.

I have always loved their art and enjoyed reading around their circles. They were a really radical group  and changed art for ever with there subject  matter and luminous colours. Revolutionary in their day to some they now seem a bit old hat but I will always love them.

I was lucky enough to see this painting by Holman Hunt  in London and the colors and movement really blew me away!

At the library we are going to have our own "Stunner" reading from Tennyson,Rossetti and Keats.
Anyone around Truro interested in coming on the 7th of November?
No more time to muse today!


  1. ha angela, i have a house next to truro :^)

    i wonder if these two towns across the pond connect with one another?


    1. Thats really interesting but I dn't know ,will check.

  2. Oh I wish I lived nearer Angela, I love anything to do with the Pre Raphaelites too. Hope your event goes well.
    Patricia x

  3. Thanks Patricia ,we have sold 21 tickets but have some to spare.I will post some pics afterwards especially of Emma dressed as a stunner!!

  4. Wonderful paintings Angela!