Sunday, 30 August 2015

Perhaps it is time for Bright Star to Twinkle again!

I have not had the inclination to update Bright Star for probably over a year. The reason may have been that that the re-election of a cruel and ruthless Conservative Government  made me so angry with my fellow humans that I wanted to hide away!The selfishness,ignorance and just plain vileness of the Murdoch press with its hate filled headlines and lowest common denominator reactions depressed me greatly.
The Tories calling fellow human beings benefit scroungers and further torturing the sick and disabled with ATOS.Then idiots labelling desperate people economic migrants when most are refugees and dubbing them "cockroaches" as they drown, these are men ,women children and babies ! To keep us from thinking about anything important there are TV series about  the most banal of subjects which seem to promote greed and ignorance and  do not inspire at all. However along comes Jeremy Corbyn and says quite a lot of practical,fair and decent political alternatives to this incessant fear,envy and targeted austerity.  Perhaps I feel better that people have been flocking to hear his words.The human race cannot survive without co operation and  empathy.Thanks Jeremy for cheering me up!

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So  now for something completely different as the Pythons would say!

Summer flowers are an endless joy and many artists have depicted them gloriously on their canvasses as though they want to save them for posterity.
 We need not worry because every year another outburst of colour and delicacy starts in spring and follows through until the last days of autumn.
 During the winter months however we can gaze at the paintings and remember warmer days!
Here are some that I would like to share with you.

This is by Gauguin,his colour is unique.

This one is another by a favourite of mine,Redon.

This is glorious and by Degas!

Cezanne capturing the glow of Chrysanthemums. We were lucky enough to visit his evocative studio in Aix last year.It was as though he would just come along anytime and start to paint! His coat was hanging on a hook,his jugs and fruit for still life were laid out and his easel was ready.

Spring flowers by Monet ,so beautiful and full of hope!

Pansies are such a favourite,they just keep flowering and have vibrant colours. They are like velvet!. This is by a Russian painter called Peske. When my Mum was staying recently Emma my step daughter said that her eyes were like pansies and she is right Mum has very beautiful eyes.

Here we have Matisse.

If I could paint I would love to paint flowers like Klimt!

I love the intimacy of the painting by Bonnard !

The vibrancy of this work by Suzanne Valadon is great.

Another wonderful Gauguin.

This is a lovely piece of work done by a Korean master,it is so delicate and effective.

I love the dream quality of Chagall's work and have just started to read his biography.

What can I say the fabulous Georgia O keefe,one of my heroines!

This is another Valadon but it is much gentler than the other on this post.

Well that is feast for the eyes and the soul!
 I hope you will enjoy looking at these paintings.  I send a bouquet, a big bunch of sunflowers to Jeremy Corbyn for 
 helping to bring me a bit of faith back in human nature and getting Bright Star up and running again.