Monday, 21 September 2015


We have had some time off and travelled about a bit but we are home now and we decided to go wooding  together. We are so lucky to have spectacular woods only a short drive from us,actually driving is not necessary if you are feeling energetic you could just walk out of Truro and feel you are in the wildwood with no trouble. Ratty , Moley and Mr Badger could be round the next corner.

The trees are just starting to turn from green to the flaming colours of Autumn and there  is a calmness in the air that is soothing. I love each season with all the wonderful changes but I think I favour Autumn the most.

We found various fungi but this little crop were glorious !
As we strolled along the path through the woods the constant sound of trickling water accompanied us. The water was clear and fast running with the occasional darting of very small fish if you looked closely.
I always think that the roots of venerable old trees are the homes of elves and fairies or Brambly hedge like mice. OK I don't really believe it but the enchantment is delightful.
I was feeling very low this summer ,thinking about the demise of our country in the hands of the Tories,their mindless cruelty to the poor and needy and the way they are dismantling many of the things I hold dear, The NHS, the Library Service etc but I feel a tide may be turning. ! This walk has started a reconnection with nature which is always the way to counteract depression.
I picked up various pieces to take home and make an Autumn Solstice table decoration,some pine cones,bits of fallen pine leaves,beach leaves and Old Man's Beard!
When we came home I added some poppy seed heads and fennel and it looked good on the table in candle light when we ate our supper which was a new recipe. It was ,Puy lentils,sorrell and venison sausages with onions a little garlic, herbs and seasonings. It had a slug of Armenac added which finished it off very well . I will do that dish again !!I also made an apple and pear with spices pie which was gingery and great with yogurt.
We filled a bag and a rucksack with bits of broken small wood ,very good when dry on our wood burner.
We thought  needed to walk more ,we are getting tubby! Got to burn off the pies and sausages !! Thanks to Steve for the pictures! 
The way home.!