Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Love Hate Relationship

Love Hate Relationship

Well most of this afternoon has been taken trying change passwords,get into Bright Star ,delete some illegal thing that my clever grandson seems to have set up unknown to me!
The computer can can be so great but when you are not that good at com speak it can almost cause violent action AAAAArrrg.
Rushed into the garden and the flowers just up saved my sanity!

This is the star of 2018 and what a lot of crap we have to deal with,no amount of beauty and delight can placate me when I see Trump and the idiosy of Brexit .We have to do something about the rise of the far right in Europe and elsewhere or I think that we are entering a new Dark Age.Nothing will ever be perfect or stay the same but we have to move to a more sensible and caring way or we shall not survive and we shall ruin the following generations right to a decent life. We must challenge all vile and hateful attempts to dehumanize our lives and those of others everywhere.Oh there she goes again Mad Angela but I will not sanction the disgusting attitudes that are running amok across society in this or other countries. What a rant eh? I could go on but I would like you to stay with me for some other stuff.

Adoring an olive tree in Oxford.
We visited Oxford and Kelmscott Manor this autumn and seeing the Ashmoleum and Buscot Park too was inspiring. How we need people like William Morris to show a better way.

Must keep a sense of humour too,saw this on the way back!!


  1. The last two years have been very unsettling haven't they? Trump is a concern but perhaps he won't last in office for a full term. I can't see any way out of Brexit - I wish I could grow used to the idea but I can't and I still feel so upset by it and by the horrid attitudes it has engendered across the country. Oh, well! Like you I try to think of other things and visit lovely places to lift the spirits - I would love to visit Kelmscott Manor one day:)

    1. Thanks for your good words Rosie,I just cannot believe what Trump just said.